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I (K. S. Senthil Raani) am an Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur, Odisha, India.
My research interests are Fourier analysis on thin sets, L^p-L^q estimates, Curvature measures. My PhD thesis:- “L^p-Asymptotics of Fourier transform of fractal measures” –arXiv:1506.07005.

For further information on my research: Visit me at the following links or CV or here


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Teaching experience:

  • Present:
    January – April 2020: MTH 404Measure and integration at IISER Berhampur
    Exercises are from the reference books

    Guidelines and rough draft: (to be updated)

  • Past:
    • Instructor for MTH201 – Multivariable calculus at IISER Berhampur (Aug-Nov 2019)
    • Instructor in AIS – Geometric Measure theory and PDE organized by Prof. Mythili Ramaswamy and Dr. T. V. Anoop at IIT Madras from June 3rd to June 15th 2019. (Rough draft of the lectures can be found here)
    • Instructor for MTH202– Probability and Statistics at IISER Berhampur (Jan-April 2019)
    • Instructor for Calculus 1 (MTH 101) at IISER-Berhampur (August-November 2018)
    • Instructor for Advanced Linear Algebra (MTH 311) at IISER-Bhopal (August-November 2017)
    • Instructor for Real Analysis -1 (MTH 303) at IISER Bhopal (August-November 2016)
    • Teaching Assistant for Probability and Statistics (MTH 202) at IISER Bhopal (Jan-April 2016).
    • Instructor for Real Analysis -1 (MTH 303) at IISER Bhopal (August-November 2015).
    • Instructor for Self-similar sets and their Fourier transforms in Summer school on Fractals: Their Structure, Shadow and translates at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida (29 June-20 July 2014).
    • Teaching Assistant for Analysis and Linear algebra-II at IISc Bangalore (Jan-April 2014).
      Teaching Assistant for Analysis and Linear algebra-I at IISc Bangalore (Aug-Nov 2012).
    • Instructor at KLU, Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu (January-April 2009).
      • Engineering Mathematics -2- Sequences and series, Complex integration, Multiple integrals
      • Engineering Mathematics -4- Problems on Probability, Random variables and Graph theory.
    • Instructor at KLU, Krishnankoil, Tamil Nadu (July-November 2008).
      • Engineering Mathematics -1- Matrices, Differential Calculus, Problems on ODE
      • Engineering Mathematics -3- Problems on PDE, Laplace transform, Fourier Series, Fourier transform.


+91 680 2227 764
Contact Hours: 14.00-17.00 IST

Instagram : #scribblesbyRaani

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